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DDG’s central focus is of course celebrating the physical book, sharing reading experiences, and providing personal service to our fellow book lovers. At DDG we know that people will choose at times between physical books and e-books, perhaps building libraries of each.  This being so, we greatly appreciate when our customers choose to buy them from us, rather than from vendors who have no shared interest in or investment in our community. DDG is a retail partner of kobo. In August 2012, the American Booksellers Association and kobo formed a partnership to bring kobo’s eReading platform to independent bookstores across the United States. When you launch your ebook purchase by clicking on the image to the left, and then proceeding to create a kobo account, all your kobo purchases benefit that most congenial of institutions,  your local independent bookstore. Kobo also produces state of the art eReaders  which you can play around with, and which we have for sale, at the store. We appreciate your support!

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